• Metabolism increased and daily energy increased

  • Move with us and feel better!

  • CrossFit for one hour,twice a week keeps the doctor away!

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How Crossfit can help you

Welcome to CrossFit Kyoto!

CrossFit was born in America.
CrossFit Kyoto is owned and operated by a couple from England and Switzerland and is the 3rd official CrossFit gym opened in Japan.

CrossFit Kyoto is a particularly unique CrossFit box.
We don’t push members to get stronger. That’s because fitness is different for everyone.
We work with each member to address the needs of each individual.

At CrossFit Kyoto, we focus not only the body, but also on refreshing the mind by providing a space for interaction between members of the CrossFit Kyoto family.

About CrossFit

Increase your health using bodybuilding methods made popular around the world.

  • Circuit training incorporating various movementsConstantly varied
  • Train practical movements that benefit your daily lifestyleFunctional movement
  • “High-intensity” adjusted to your levelPerformed at high intensity
  • Walk
  • Run
  • get up
  • lift
  • push
  • pull
  • jump


  • No1 Freedom of movementin daily life

    Not only does Crossfit build muscle strength but also improve cardiovascular functions, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy as daily physical functions.

  • No2 Improve athletic performance

    Crossfit allows you to train the core and various areas of the body to improve performance in all kinds of competitive and amateur sports.

  • No3 Burn fat and thrive

    Crossfit Kyoto incorporates interval training to promote effective fat burning. In fact, this effect last for 24 hours after exercise (afterburn effect).

Benefits of CrossFit Kyoto

  • Semi-Private/Personal Fun Training

    From kids to the elderly, coaches adjust movements and intensity based on individual fitness level, age, etc. You can make performance improvements, both in daily life and in sports. Various languages and ages provide a fun atmosphere for all regardless of physical ability.

  • High-quality coaches

    Our head coach is a Level 3 Trainer, the highest-level CrossFit trainer’s credential (only three Level 3 Trainers in Japan as of 2018). We also have a coach who is a registered nurse. Our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable coaches provide reliable advice about the body.

  • Motivating training content

    Our coaches propose different programs in each session to suit member needs. Programs are created from thousands of possible movements. Ideal for people who joined a gym but got bored with machine training.

  • We have 3 nostalgic showers that remains from the sento Wakaba Yu (public bath) time.

  • Health communication cafe WAKABar Nutrition Nook is a self-service cafe with a focus on gluten-free, non-allergenic and organic.

  • Natural well water
    You can take-away our natural & tasty well water 24-7

CrossFit program

You can consult with a coach to select a semi-personal class based on your desired intensity.

Semi-Personal classes are small with a MAX 8 ppl to ensure proper attention to each participant.


CrossFit Kyoto


CrossFit Trial Lesson

60-minute lesson for 4,400 yen incl tax Pre-paid online : Get 50% off !


Great access from Kyoto station or anywhere in Kyoto city!

CrossFit Kyoto

56, Kita-onocho, Koyama, Kita-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 603-8161

TEL: 080-4972-1905 ※We'll call you back if no answer due to class

  •  By train

    7min walk west from Kitaoji Station on the Kyoto Subway

  •  By bus

    2min walk from Kitaoji Shinmachi bus stop on the Kyoto City Bus or Kyoto Bus

  •  By car

    Please use a nearby hourly parking lot See details 》

  •  By bicycle or motorcycle

    Parking lot on premises See details 》

Access from airport

From Kansai Airport KIX
From Osaka Airport ITAMI




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