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Entry Price

Beginners start with 8 classes over 4 weeks and a consultation session ¥25,300

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*People with Crossfit or/and similar experience can skip these

Semi-Personal Pricing


The one-time registration fee is 2.200 yen + tax

CrossFit Classes /SimpleFit Classes

MAX 8 ppl

3 month membership 6 month membership
Monthly 20 classes [5 / week pace]
43,450yen/monthly* 40,150yen/monthly*
Monthly 16 classes [4 / week pace]
40,700yen/monthly* 37,950yen/monthly*
Monthly 12 classes [3 / week pace]
32,450yen/monthly* 30,250yen/monthly*
Monthly 10 classes [3-2 / week pace]
29,700yen/monthly* 27,500yen/monthly*
Monthly 8 classes [2 / week pace]
25,300yen/monthly* 23,100yen/monthly*

(before tax)

Wakaba Classes

Smaller Class Size

3 month membership 6 month membership
Monthly 20 classes [5 / week pace]
44,550yen/monthly* 41,250yen/monthly*
Monthly 16 classes [4 / week pace]
41,800yen/monthly* 39,050yen/monthly*
Monthly 12 classes [3 / week pace]
33,550yen/monthly* 31,350yen/monthly*
Monthly 10 classes [3-2 / week pace]
30,800yen/monthly* 28,600yen/monthly*
Monthly 8 classes [2 / week pace]
26,400yen/monthly* 24,200yen/monthly*

(tax included)

Single entry:SimpleFit is 4.400 yen (incl tax)/Wakaba Classes are 4.950 yen (incl tax)

* We acceptfor online payments
* Monthly payment is possible by credit card only

Benefits for members

  • Facility

    You are free to use the facilities 20 min before & after your class. Please be aware that classes and personal training sessions take precedence.

  • Community Space

    Enjoy coffee and tea made with natural well water. You can chat or work on PC. Wifi available.

  • Flexibility of Frequency

    You can change the number of classes you attend per week/month within the Lump Sum contract period.

BB Tickets Gift !

for Lump Sum payers

  • 6 months lump sum payers receive

    10 tickets (= 44,000yen)

  • If you purchase CrossFit / SimpleFit or Wakaba tickets from 2+/week and pay by lump sum for more than 6 months, you will receive BB tickets as a gift!

What is Basic Buffing(BB)

1 hour BB 4,400 yen (incl tax)

It's a time for you to use the space and the equipment CrossFit Kyoto has available to do stretching, warm-ups and work on weaknesses.

Frequency recommendation from us

Workout 8-12 times per months

At this pace you will feel a steady improvement in fitness and noticeable change in your body.

  • CrossFit burns fat and stimulates muscle growth.

  • Working out speeds up the metabolism and the effects can continue for up to 48 hrs. Please find a training frequency that will keep the metabolism revved up while allowing enough time for recovery.

  • The classic CrossFit headquarter prescription is three days on-one day off.
At CrossFit Kyoto we think the most important thing is consistency and the ability to stay healthy by adapting CrossFit to your life and goals. Please consult our coaches to find your best frequency to fit your goal!

Training frequency depends on each individual’s goals, age, experience and schedule. People who want to maintain health and burn fat will have different requirements from those who simply want to build muscle or athletes who want to improve performance, etc…
In our gym, some members workout five days per week and take the weekend off, other members feel best coming twice a week. Please consult with our coaches and find the frequency that works best for your goals and lifestyle.

Rental Lockers

250 yen~ / m

* Cash only

Convenient to keep your towels, shampoo, and etc ♪
We up-cycled the lockers that were used in the Sento (public bath) before renovation.

Drink tickets

10 tickets for 2.000 yen (1 drink per ticket)

* Cash only

Enjoy coffee and tea made with well water in the WAKABar.

T-Shirts & Movement supplies




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