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Welcome to Kyoto, Japan!

CrossFit Kyoto is one of the first three Crossfit gyms in Japan
and, with being established in 2011, the oldest box in the Kansai area.

Besides English, & Japanese we (and our members) speak several other languages.

Our classes are limited to 8 ppl only and often not full, therefore the experience will be a semi-personal training session,
ie. individual attention from our coach (CF L3 with 20 years of coaching experience).

Add another fun Japanese experience to your sightseeing list while working off your sushi glut:
We've renovated an old bath-house and kept the retro atmosphere.

There are lots of traditional shops and restaurants nearby.

Our box has great access from anywhere in Kyoto:
You can just take the subway which runs through the heart of Kyoto city.
From Kyoto Station it takes a mere 13 mins to get to Kita-Oji our closest subway stop.MAP
We’re a 7 min walk from the Kitaoji subway station with a big shopping plaza, supermarkets and restaurants.

Easily plan your sightseeing around your drop in: With the Kamo River to the east and near the Kyoto Botanical Gardens (great places to have a picnic or just relax),
Crossfit Kyoto is also located between two UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Shimogamo Shrine and Kamigamo Shrine.
Just a bit to the west you will find Daitokuji, a temple known for its relationship with the monk Ikkyu.

We welcome both Drop-ins and CrossFit Open competitors!

OPEN judging for drop-ins 08:00-09:00 on Saturdays and 11:50 on Sundays

Available Classes

The first class on Saturdays may not available as that is our busiest day


  • Drop in : 4400 JPY (incl tax)
  • Drop in, and get one T-shirt at member's price, plus individual coaching as our classes are limited to 8 participants! See our T-shirts≫
  • If you want to drop in 4 times or more, and get coaching by our highly certified coaches, (L2 and CF L3) please let us know in the form below, we offer specials for visiting CrossFit fans 

How to book

  • Please send the form below

  • We will send a payment link & some useful information

  • After payment, your slot(s) are secured

Please read

  1. No “No-show” please because
    ...we are a small box (with one coach at the moment) and
    to ensure high-quality coaching and safety we limit our classes to 8 people.
    So we hope you can plan your trip and your drop-in so that we don't need to cancel.
    Thank you for your kind consideration!
  2. Because we’re in a residential area and our neighbours think it’s an earthquake when we do heavy lifts we use drop mats and we have a “no drop policy” – thank you for respecting that.
  3. To ensure a good experience please come about 10 minutes early
    This will give you time to get acquainted with the coach/members/other visitors & the space, try on the T-Shirt before you’re all sweaty 😉 and still be ready in time to start the class with everyone else.
    Also we are serious about the warm-up - cheers!


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