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Differences between the press, push press and push jerk ② ~ Push Press ~

Hi everyone, this is  coach Tatsuro!

I posted a blog about the press last time, did you read it?
The press is a move in which the barbell is lifted from the shoulders to the overhead position while standing. An important feature is that the knee and hip joints do not bend from start to finish of the movement.
The push press is based on the press, so if you haven't read the previous blog yet, be sure to read it first!

By the way, today’s topic is the push press!

Check out the push press in the video below.
Notice the sequence of movement of the knees and hips.

In the push press the knees and hips flex and extend rapidly, pushing the barbell up off the shoulders, then the arms extend and lift the bar overhead, finishing with the knees and hips fully extended.

The start and end positions are the same as in the press, but the main difference is that you can use the power of the lower body to help lift the bar from the shoulders to the overhead position. The push press allows you to lift heavier weights, or perform more reps at the same weight, as the press.

Dip: Knee and hip flexion
Drive: Knee and hip extension movements

In the dip, lower your body straight down as the knees and hips flex so that your knees do not extend beyond your toes.
In the drive, fully extend your hips and knees and move the bar with your shoulders while pushing into the ground with the soles of your feet.
Make the transition from Dip to Drive as fast as when jumping rope, without pausing at the bottom of the dip.

By using the power of the lower body, the push press can be performed faster and for more reps without fatiguing the shoulder muscles as much as in the press. The speed of the movement is also faster, so many people choose it when S2OH is programmed.

The push press is a whole body exercise that trains not only the shoulders and lower body but also teaches coordination and expression of power from larger to smaller muscle groups. It is a little more difficult than the press but I believe you can do it.

This time I briefly explained the features of the push press.
Next will be the push jerk!

We are looking for topics that you would like us to cover in this blog!
For example: what is the difference between a snatch and a power snatch? What is G2OH?
Anything is possible, so please let us know if you have a question.




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