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Stay independent to 100 & beyond

Able to take care of yourself. Living life self-sufficiently all the way to age 100 ...and beyond?!

Here in Japan Crossfit has an image of it being all about building muscles.
However, in America, Crossfit is enjoyed by a wide range of people, from kids to people in their 90s.

Crossfit Kyoto aims to contribute to the healthy life expectancy within the wider community.


As we get older, we start to face many concerns
“My knee hurts”
“My back hurts”
“I have aching joints”
"I cannot get up on my own"
"I cannot lift my grandchildren anymore"

The key is to build appropriate muscle strength as early as possible
We recommend striving for this in your 30s or 40s, and starting at 50, 60, 70 or even later brings great benefits!

People with greater muscular strength are less likely to suffer from osteoarthritis.

Crossfit features over a dozen different movements for strengthening for example the quadriceps (thigh muscles).
Instead of simply performing movements on your own, together with a coach you can ensure the movements are conducted with the appropriate form and right posture. Not only does this promote efficiency, this helps you gain effective results in a short period of time with minimal effort. Furthermore it supports sustainable fitness in the long term.


Build muscle strength & fitness -> Everyday life becomes easier -> Better emotional health -> Increased interactions -> Movement becomes more enjoyable. This leads to experiencing living our lives in a positive cycle.


We recommend Crossfit Kyoto for the following types of people

  • People who don’t want to be bedridden in their later years
  • People who want to enjoy life without worrying about muscle or bone deterioration due to age
  • People who want to be self-sufficient and rely less on others
  • People who don’t want to suffer from osteoarthritis
  • People who don’t want to be frail (physical, mental or emotional weakness)
  • People who want to interact with a diverse range of people, regardless of age





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