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Prevent/Recover from lifestyle diseases


I don’t want to exercise despite being diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, high blood pressure, diabetes, and dyslipidemia.


Japan leads the world in hours sitting down. Many jobs are desk position and it is not rare to see company employees who barely walk 3000 steps per day. The truth is, it can be difficult to balance exercise and diet on your own. We recommend Crossfit for people who’ve been warned about lifestyle diseases through their health exams and people who haven’t been warned, but are concerned about future problems.

A paper published in 2017 (American Physiological Society)* indicated the possibility that short-term functional high-intensity training can improve β cell functions in Type-2 diabetes.

Crossfit is a type of this short-term functional high-intensity training. Crossfit Kyoto also incorporates HIIT (high-intensity, interval training).


High-intensity doesn’t simply mean hard.
How you define high-intensity differs for each person.
At Crossfit Kyoto, our coaches adjust intensity levels to each participant.


In the abovementioned paper, 12 adults with Type-2 diabetes engaged in Crossfit training 3 days a week for 6 weeks. These people experienced increased insulin secretion and improved bodyfat percentage.


There also is research showing that high blood pressure can be improved through functional high-intensity training. Prolonged high blood pressure can cause fatigue on the blood vessels and lead to future cardiovascular illnesses (stokes or heart disease). Crossfit can help reduce the need for medical care in the future.


That said, forcing yourself to start exercising can be difficult and can be difficult to continue.


Crossfit Kyoto offers an international atmosphere in which our coaches help you through a different movement every minute. Following a menu of transitioning exercises can help you forget about your concerns about lifestyle diseases. Concentrating on the fun of engaging correct posture and following the coach’s instructions can help product results without overworking. Your doctor may even compliment you.


We recommend Crossfit Kyoto for the following types of people!

  • People who don’t want to exercise to improve lifestyle illness.
  • Work is busy but I want to improve physical fitness in a short amount of time!
  • People who want to improve their insulin production and secretion in their pancreatic beta cells!
  • People who want to improve insulin sensitivity to improve blood sugar control!
  • People who want to improve high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome!

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*People with heart diseases or other illnesses must receive permission from their physician prior to participating in Crossfit.




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