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Freedom of movement in daily life

Normal life gets easier, day by day


Crossfit was born in America and is defined as a high-intensity strength & conditioning program incorporating various functional movements.


Functional movements refers to physical functions that we use in everyday life. For example, the movement of picking up something is similar to the deadlift, a popular exercise in Crossfit.
The “farmer’s walk” is like carrying grocery bags from the supermarket.
The “squat” is similar to sitting down in a chair and standing up again.


Not only does Crossfit build muscle strength but also improve cardiovascular functions, stamina, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy as daily physical functions.


As participants enjoy engaging in various fitness menus, normal activities in daily life get easier day by day.


We recommend Crossfit Kyoto for the following types of people!

  • People who find themselves easily fatigued.
  • People who easily catch colds.
  • People who want to improve not only muscle strength but also improve overall health, including cardiovascular function and balance.
  • People who want to get ability to carry out daily life activity not to get beaten by aging.





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