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Improve posture & core strength

As a coach instructs on movements with appropriate posture in small classes, efficient improvements can be achieved.


With back pain, people dealing with issues such as lumbar hernia or other orthopedic issues must seek medical attention.


However, over 80% of back pain is due to bad posture and weak core muscles. It is well known that improvements can be made by training the inner muscles.


Crossfit works the core muscles and helps stabilize the back to prevent and improve back pain.


Shoulder stiffness can be caused by a number of factors, including sitting down for a long time in front of a computer, using your smartphone for too long or maintaining the same posture. This can constrict your range of motion and cause neck or shoulder stiffness.
Crossfit offers numerous exercises for increasing your flexibility and extending your joint range of motion.


Improving blood circulation and metabolism can alleviate back pain and shoulder stiffness.


Joint range of motion and flexibility differs widely with each person. At Crossfit Kyoto, we have members who are very flexible with a wide range of shoulder motion while others deal with stiffness. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others. Let’s slowly make improvements together.


We recommend Crossfit Kyoto for the following types of people

  • People who want to resolve their back pain and shoulder stiffness!
  • People with a desk job who want muscle relaxation.
  • People who want to try an alternative to massage and other type of symptomatic therapy.
  • People receiving orthopedic or chiropractic care for back pain or shoulder stiffness.





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