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Regain strength after surgery or injury


Crossfit Kyoto members include a lot of people who have had ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) surgery.

Following orthopedic surgeries such as for an ACL or an artificial joint replacement, people need to work to gradually regain strength.


Also, overall strength tends to decline when laid up in a hospital bed.


Crossfit enables enjoyable rehabilitation.

You can enjoy daily life while gradually regaining your muscle strength. Crossfit helps improve not only the areas of operation, but also overall muscle strength. Crossfit can help improve not only muscle strength, but also joint range of motion. This is why some people use Crossfit in combination with hospital rehab.


Make sure to inform the coach of any history of surgery prior to beginning training.


We recommend Crossfit Kyoto for the following types of people!

  • People who want to exercise for rehab following an ACL surgery or other orthopedic procedure.
  • People who, in addition to hospital rehab, want the joy of exercising in a positive and energetic environment with a diverse range of people.
  • People who want to enjoy exercising rather than think of it as rehab.





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