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Sat October 1st Breathing Workshop

Breathing Workshop Sat October 1st with Tatsuro

Tatsuro had been experiencing back pain during training for some time, and in his search for causes and solutions, he discovered that one possible cause was not applying abdominal pressure properly.

Originally he thought that abdominal pressure was about squeezing and tightening the abdominal muscles, but in fact posture and correct movement of the diaphragm are key.

The diaphragm is the main respiratory muscle and 'breathing in and out as the diaphragm moves up and down' is the most efficient way to breathe. However, a surprisingly large number of people have difficulty moving their diaphragm.

It is said that humans breathe about 20,000 times a day. What happens if the diaphragm has difficulty moving, and instead you take those 20,000 breaths by lifting your shoulders, expanding your chest and arching your back? This leads to poor posture, such as an overextended upper back and rounded hips, causing stiff shoulders, back pain, and discomfort throughout the body. Stretching or bodywork may relieve the physical discomfort, but if the breathing pattern is not changed, the symptoms will reappear as the root cause of the problem has not been addressed. In addition, the body is not able to create abdominal pressure in such a state, which reduces stability of the torso during weight training, leading to poor performance and injury.

In this workshop, you will learn basic breathing mechanics and perform exercises to help activate the diaphragm. In doing so, we hope to help improve the problems noted above.


Workshop content

The workshop will focus on the theme of 'basic breathing'
(1) Breathing mechanics
(2) Stretching and self-massage
(3) Breathing exercises

Date and time

Saturday 1 October, 13:00 - 14:00

How to book

Members can take part for 1 class ticket
Please book through Coubic.

Recommended for people who...

Have been told that their breathing is shallow
Have chronic stiff shoulders or back pain
Have back pain during training or the following day
Do not know what abdominal pressure is or how to apply it
Anyone else interested in breathing is welcome!

I look forward to breathing out with you all!




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