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2023 Schedule

2023-24 Holiday Closing

There will be a new class schedule from Jan 4th 2024

Summer Schedule 2023 - expanded through October

Obon Schedule August 11-16

Summer Schedule July 3-16 2023

As you may know Ela has not seen her mother for 6 years and Russell has not seen his family for 4 years. 

Some family issues have come up so we need to go back to Europe from July 3rd.

As we will both be away, we have to reduce the schedule so Tatsuro can keep things going for you.

You can see the adjusted schedule from July 3-16 below.

In addition Mon 17 July is a National Holiday (Marine Day) so all classes will be in the morning.

Summer Schedule 2023

To beat the heat 🎵 weekend classes move one hour earlier from July 1st

New June Schedule 2023

Due to popular demand we have removed the Thursday HomeFit class and added a Wakaba class in it's place for June.

Golden Week 2023

On National holidays during Golden Week classes will be in the mornings only so you can enjoy the day after a good sweat!

May 2023 - June 30th 2023

From May there will be some major changes to the evening schedule as can be seen below:

Apr 1st 2023 - Apr 30th 2023

From April the Monday 19:20 class will change to a Wakaba class in the main room.
Strength classes will move to Tuesday 19:20.

Nov 1st 2022 - June 30th 2023

It's WINTER time and from Nov 1st until June 30 the Sat & Sun classes will be moving back to their 09:30 starting time, so you have an extra hour to sleep in 🙂

You can find our previous schedule blog post here.




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