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CrossFit Kyoto Moving WOD!

Hikkoshi(moving) from old place to new Kitaoji-Shinmachi location is happenning taking over a week. There is Kamo river near our new location to the east on the Kitaoji street.



Some of the CrossFit Kyoto members who have trucks and cars helped us move! Everyone is so powerful and carried huge boxes and equipments easily(?)


We had doors but not handles on them!

Handles are hand-made by one of our members with walnuts material. He measured and worked hard and finally we have handles on the door.




Girls are doing baskets training. Arms hurts~~


We opened a basket shop.


We wanted to recycle things they used to use for SENTO(bath). Not only baskets, girls cleaned lockers. Lockers were old and partially broken, so girls cleaned well and fixed broken parts.






The largest equipment is the rack. First, we had to uninstall the rack from old gym.


And then install in the new gym. Let's start buidling! Um... in this possition...? 


Our professional did great work, and 


Completed! 100 people can do pull up at the same time(!?)


On the SENTO wall, oops, sorry, on the wall of the new gym, clocks and speakers are attached.


Otsukare sama for Hikkoshi WOD! ありがとうALL:)!


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