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CrossFit Kyoto > > Expansion of Sunday class schedule! YAY!

Expansion of Sunday class schedule! YAY!

We are expanding our class schedule again so that members have even greater choice 🙂
From January the following changes will be made for SUNDAY classes: 
【Before】until December 2019:
10:40〜 Fundamental Class
11:50〜 CrossFit Class
【After】from January 2020:
9:30〜 Fundamental Class
10:40〜 CrossFit Class
11:50〜 Wakaba Class
This gives our 'CrossFit Regular Class' members a chance for an earlier choice after Saturday's 11:50 session.
Our 'Fundamentals' members also get an earlier choice after the Saturday
10:40 class.
This way you all have more time for other things on Sundays!
Last but not least: Our 'Wakaba Class' members get one more weekly class to choose from.
WIN - WIN - WIN 😀  
Yoroshiku 🙂



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At CrossFit Kyoto, we offer a "Wakaba" class.

It is ideal for people who don't feel confident about exercise,

are recovering from an injury, or for people who are 60+.


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