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Hot Summer Schedule Changes

New schedule changes and additions for Sept!

From Sat Aug 29th the morning schedule will change as below:

08:20 Cool new earlier class!
09:30 Regular CrossFit goodness, no changes here
10:40 This class moved to 08:20 as it prefers to get up early. No CrossFit here for now
11:50 CrossFit class staying in the line-up for those who like it hot

08:20 The 11:50 class moved to this slot as no-one likes to stay in bed on a Sunday 😉
10:40 This class is staying put, like a favourite comfortable rocking chair 
11:50 CrossFit is now at 08:20 on Sun Aug 30th and all of Sept, because as one member said recently "morning coffee always tastes better after a WOD".

07:00 A cool new morning class for those who want to see what Russell is like before his morning tea!
* Book by 22:00 the night before or Russell stays in bed 🙂

Evenings have changed slightly too. Check below and on Coubic for details.




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