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The Hang Position

Hi it's Tatsuro here again,

This time our theme is the "Hang Position".

The Hang Position is the starting point for the Hang Clean and Hang Snatch.
In my previous post I explained some simple weightlifitng terms. This time I'd like to explain the hang position and the key points of performance!

How to get into the hang position

1) Lift the bar to waist height
Instead of setting up the hang position directly from the floor, first deadlift the bar to your waist and then lower into the hang position.
Grip the bar with a hook grip!

(2) Rotate your arms outwards and keep your chest up
Be careful not to round your shoulders or collapse.

3) Dip slightly
Don't just bend your knees, imagine squatting down just a little bit.
Pull your hips back and lean forward as if you were doing a good morning, until the barbell reaches your knees.
Make sure your chest and hips don't round!

4) You have reached the Hang Position
Watch the video to see my setup.

When you are in the hang position:
1) Your shins should be perpendicular to the ground
2) The hamstrings (backs of the thighs) must be stretched
3) Your chest should be elevated
4) The hips should not be rounded
5) The centre of gravity should be in the centre of the sole of the foot.
Make sure you meet these five conditions!

Do you have any questions?
The hang clean is a movement that can show up in the CrossFit Open, which starts at the end of February, so now is a good time to practice it!

Next time, we'll go over some of the most common errors in the hang position.




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