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2022 Schedule

End of Year 2022-23

Due to popular demand the Thursday SimpleFit classes are starting at 9:30 again instead of 10:40

  • Tue 27 and Wed 28 the schedule is reduced as Tatsuro is on leave for further education and Russell will be teaching all the classes
  • Dec 29 to Jan 2 the gym will be closed this winter
  • Tue Jan 3 we'll all be back for the traditional Mochitsuki WOD 🐇 on the morning of the last New Year's holiday 🙂 - let's work off the mochi bellies
  • Wed 4 classes will run as normal

Nov 1st 2022 - June 30th 2023

It's WINTER time and from Nov 1st Sat & Sun classes will be moving back to their 09:30 starting time, so you have an extra hour to sleep in 🙂

Summer Schedule Jul 1 - Oct 31 2022

SUMMER’s here: from JULY through OCT we’re starting at 8:20 on weekends!
Keep well hydrated with water, add umeboshi or salt & lemon for special effects!!

    • NEW in JULY: Thursday SimpleFit classes change to 10:40
    • July 9th 11:50 Masahiro’s SAYONARA WOD
    • July 12~19th Reduced Schedule due to R&E’s Summer Holidays
    • July 2-25: JAPAN CHAMPIONSHIP workouts will be held on Sun 3 10:40 / Mon 18 10:40 / Sun 24 10:40

Schedule Nov 1st 2021 - Jun 30 2022

Starting on November 1st (after Halloween) the schedule will return to the winter format.
See details below or in our online schedule.

You can find our previous schedule blog post here.




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