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Spartan Race Classes - Updated Oct 10

  Spartan Race in Shiga on Dec 2, 2023

CrossFit Kyoto will take part in the Spartan Race this year in Shiga at Blumen no Oka on Dec 2 with a fabulous team again! 👍


We're all really excited and are especially looking forward to training for it 'at home' in the box. Read on

'SPARTAN SPECIAL 2023' - Starting on Sat Oct 7 from 12:30 ~14:00 ♪

For the first time CrossFit Kyoto will be holding a series of Spartan Practice Classes for all members and non-members who are interested, even if you're not taking part in the actual race on December 2nd, come try out a completely different class experience and the fun of training unfamiliar moves!

There will be rope climbing, spear throwing, bag carrying, balance beaming, sandbag hoisting and more (see pics/videos below). In a couple of the workshops we'll have an actual SPARTAN WOD!!

Classes will be workshop style and 1 hour long.

They include proper warm-up at the beginning and cool off at the end.
We'll be introducing the techniques and skills you need to climb up a wall, hoist a heavy weight and throw a javelin. "We might even lay hot bodies on the gym floor and have you..." (...WOT?!? says Russell as I am composing the workshop contents)... "have you practice fire walking!!"  "HOLD ON!" he says, "We decided against this practice as all of us have had enough heat this summer" 😆

To get you in the mood for some fun, have a look at the report below - it's from the last time a CrossFit Kyoto team took part in a Spartan Race.
2019 Spartan Race in Nagoya here

SPARTAN SPECIAL 2023 - The 4 class dates


  1. Oct 7 Sat 12:30 - 14:00
  2. Nov 2 Thur 19:20 - 20:20
  3. Nov 16 Thur 19:20 - 20:20
  4. Nov 30 Thur 19:20 - 20:50

The Nov 2 and 16th classes are now 1hr each.
The Nov 30 class is 90 min for the same price! Last minute special 🙂

SPARTAN SPECIAL 2023  - Sign up & fees

Booking and payment is through Arbox using regular class tickets!

Please contact us through this link and we'll send you the appropriate information and payment links.
1 time ¥ 4,400

***********    2022     ***********

Spartan Training 2022

 A video of a CrossFit Kyoto Spartan Style training WOD from Nov 2022 


We even included Spartan style obstacles in the Wakaba classes!
Similar to your experience with CrossFit we can scale anything and everybody can take part in the fun 🙂

Climbing "Wall" here by our most senior member (over eighty!) - what an inspiration!

Crawl Tunnel

Rope Climb

Some visitors also came from Fukui for rope climb and javelin technique work

Any Requests?

Are there any Spartan skills or techniques you'd like to work on?
We'd love to hear your requests! If you let us know by October 1st we can include it in the Spartan Workshops starting on October 7.
If you've been at one of the Spartan races before, please share recommendations and experiences with your newbie Spartan buddies. Come and cheer us on from the stands. 👏




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