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CrossFit Kyoto > > This year's final training expanded to the personal training room

This year's final training expanded to the personal training room

Our last CrossFit class of 2019 expanded to use the Personal Training & Stretching/Yoga room as well as the main training room. This was our first time to use the entire space all at once since moving to our new location in Kita-ku, Kyoto.


12 of our members were excited to work out with everyone they had not seen in a while due to busy end-of-year schedules. Classes at CrossFit Kyoto are usually limited to 8 people so that every member gets careful attention from the coach. This Sunday both coaches, Russell and Tatsuro, guided members through the movements and the workout.


We hear that in other CrossFit gym overseas there are sometimes as many as 30 people to a class! We're very pleased to be able to offer smaller classes to ensure safety and personal attention.


Everyone listening attentively to Russell's explanation of the last Workout:


We were a little worried at first about the space being too small but it worked out great: Some members were able to take advantage of our personal training room in the back and everyone got to enjoy the workout together. Thanks for coming!!



Thank you to everyone who joined the last CrossFit classes yesterday for your nice reviews, too:


By popular demand, Russell (our head coach) is now thinking about doing a couple more expanded classes for our Traditional Mochi Bunny training on the 4th - join the fun and sign up now!




At CrossFit Kyoto, we also offer a "Wakaba" Class.

It is ideal for people who don't feel confident about exercise,

are recovering from an injury, or for people who are 60+.


Our trial class is available any time. Please apply online via the button below.

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