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CrossFit Kyoto > > Wonderful integration of Elderly Day Care Service & Crossfit @Crossfit Narashino :)

Wonderful integration of Elderly Day Care Service & Crossfit @Crossfit Narashino :)

An excellent program is offered at "Crossfit Narashino"


A service that we haven't found in any other Crossfit box in Japan. (We cannot compare with overseas boxes because the healthcare systems are totally different from Japan.)


In the United States, there are Crossfit classes for elderly people but we have not heard of a Crossfit gym that provides a Senior Day Care Service. Since Crossfit helps us improve our bodies in various ways we believe Crossfit and Day Care are a great match!


This ideal service is provided by CF Narashino in Chiba, Japan (near Tokyo). Within Japan's 'Long-term Care Insurance System' they offer a combination of CrossFit movements/technique. One of Crossfit Kyoto's staff paid them a visit at the beginning of winter 2019.



"Day Care & Crossfit"


After receiving a "Welcome to visit" email from them we went to meet and talk with the managers - Mr. Watanabe & Ms. Yoshizawa, and their physical therapist Kanako san - What a great experience: Thank you so much, Crossfit Narashino!


The gym is located in the suburbs of Chiba, a 2 minutes walk from Mimomi station:

It looks just like an ordinary Crossfit box, doesn't it?


Come closer you can see their A-Frame with “Rehabilitation Day Service”:



When you enter the box it looks just like any other Cross-fit:




Day Service / Rehabilitation at Crossfit Narashino


At Crossfit Narashino those who need support and those who need nursing care can attend the classes.


To provide this Day Care Service, it is legally required to have a physiotherapist, as well as administrators and counselors on site.

The owner's older brother is a physiotherapist and started off with a desire to combine Crossfit and Day Care.


At Crossfit Narashino, physiotherapist Kanako, is now working to provide this service (CF Narashino is operated by Oceans Co., Ltd., and Kanako is employed by them):



A Program using Crossfit Methods


In the article above Kanako san says: "The most important thing is to realize the pleasure of moving ones body. Also a class that incorporates the Crossfit method is really fun!"


Training with Medicine Balls:


Each time the elderly members arrive at the gym they go through the same procedure that they would at a hospital: gargling and washing hands is part of getting ready for exercising.
When we visited at the beginning of the month which is the time when everyone writes their own "Exercise Plan" as required by the Japanese Day Care Service System.


Stretching and Warming Up:


Lifting weighted balls off the floor or overhead. It's just like Crossfit!



Risk management 


As mentioned above, CF Narashino has to be more careful than regular Crossfit boxes. Risk management is of high importance to prevent injuries. Check out the rowing machines below, niftily re-designed for use by elderly members.


A belt tied around the middle serves to stop the seat from sliding to far forward. This takes into account the limited range of motion seniors may deal with:




Sitting down onto a rower involves flexibility and balance as you need to swing your leg across the middle, so seniors receive Kanako's professional support:


Once you're on, you'll feel it for sure: this is a great exercise not just to build leg strength but it works the whole body and helps improve posture:



The Effects of Combining the Crossfit Method


We were delighted when we heard about the positive results: One of the seniors members, an elderly lady of 81 years, who used to walk rather unsteadily is now rowing. What joy and satisfaction!


Another interesting thing about Crossfit, besides the fact that it brings obvious results, is variety: The workout program changes every day! This means CF Narashino had to think thoroughly about how to incorporate Crossfit into the Day Care Program and they are still working hard adjusting to each person (load/repetitions) and incorporating risk management. The results are truly amazing!


They also provide a pick-up service but this 81-year-old lady can't wait and comes to the gym on foot walking her dog at the same time!


We were so delighted to see her walking the dog and coming to the gym rather than staying at home alone.

Crossfit Narashino is helping to create such healthy people!



Crossfit Kyoto's Vision


Why did we go visit Crossfit Narashino? As a matter of fact Crossfit Kyoto's vision is to extend healthy life expectancy.

Crossfit Kyoto is operated by QAL100 Corporation and here is our vision and dream.


★Our Vision★
Quality of All Life
Provide 100 and more ways to increase the quality of life for 100 people and more.


★Our Dream★
Extend the healthy life span of Japan as a whole by three years.


This company vision is rooted in one of our Head Coach Russell's goals: "I want to go to old people's homes and teach Crossfit to make them healthier and happier"


Our company wants to help more and more people to live an exuberant life, feeling joyful, alive & healthy even at the age of 100.



If only we talk about extended life expectancy it could mean "longer age-care" or "an extended life with difficulties." We believe what is important is to live quality lives, in good health and with joy.


We realize that it is not only difficult but legally (health care system) impossible for Russell to go directly to elderly facilities, including day-service places. Therefore we decided our first and best step toward our vision would be to create the Wakaba Classes.


The first person to join in autumn of 2019 was Ms. H, who was almost 80 years old! Recently, after only a few months of consistent classes, she succeeded to do abmat sit-ups for the first time in her life! Her changes have been remarkable and visible by everyone who meets her. We celebrate her every time she comes to classes!


Crossfit Kyoto's idea of the Wakaba Class is a first step toward a healthier community right here, right now 🙂




Trial classes are available any time. Please apply online via the button below.


At CrossFit Kyoto, we offer "Wakaba" classes.

Ideal for people who don't feel confident about exercise,

are recovering from an injury, or for those who are 60+.
Come join us, you are welcome to accompany your parents for a class!

Trial Our Crossfit Class


Eat well, move more, feel better, and live & give your best!



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