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Struggles with Sleepiness, Insomnia and Food Habits?

Are you struggling with ✨ 🌙 Sleepiness, Insomnia and Food Habits like some of us?

The change in season can bring up extra tiredness and cravings, and especially in autumn it may be accompanied by melancholy or even depression. Research shows that if you feel blue out of the blue it helps to spend more time outside in nature and daylight.

For our circadian rhythm it is crucially important that we're exposed to natural light several times a day. Even when cloudy, the sunlight entering our eyes communicates with our brain and nervous system to help us stay in sync with our sleep & wake cycles. The specific angle and frequency of light around dawn and sunset triggers the release of the hormones melatonin and cortisol at the appropriate time. 

Beating insomnia, poor food habits and sleepiness can be as simple as exposing ourselves to sunlight several times a day and can help bring that balance back! 😀👍 We try getting outside 5-10 min three times a day at least: first thing in the morning before 9am and at sunset, plus another midday sun-salutation 😉 will fine-tune and help keep the circadian rhythm in sync.

Let’s get creative and build natural light exposure into our day, consciously!

How about:
  • Combining it with a short morning or evening walk around the neighbourhood to soothe the nervous system even more 
  • Taking our recycling/garbage out (to soothe our partner’s nervous system 😉 )
  • Doing a few lunges (to soothe Russell and Tatsuro, ha ha), 
  • Eating our extra-healthy bento under a colourful autumn tree or/and taking a walk in a nearby park during our lunch breaks (we do our team meetings outdoors whenever the weather allows for it!) 
  • or just taking the 5 to 10,11,12... deepest breaths of our day! 

CrossFti Kyoto Team Meeting (Ela took the picture so all you can see of her is a mug and a computer...)

Try it for 3 days and let us know the results next time you come for a workout. We’d love to know! 😀

Believe it or not, I've been struggling with insomnia for many years and I noticed a change within just that short period of time. So now I am practicing diligently, and even if I sometimes miss a day it still works! It's so worth the effort & discipline to get the deep natural sleep we all need to experience true quality of life and long term health.

Ela's out door office

Ela's favorite place to have meetings


2 hours before bed: cut out blue light  🌙

Before I forget: To get the desired results we also need to cut blue light out (best is two hours before bedtime, this includes bright screens, LED & neon lights).
Latest research also shows that glasses with blue light blockers are not desirable throughout the day (as we need the cortisol levels to be up) and they are not recommended even at night, because they cut out only one wavelength of light. It’s the brightness as a whole that’s the problem, so turn your lights low and get all romantic a couple hours before bedtime 😉

If you’re interested in knowing more details, definitely check out the HubermanLab podcasts, they’re AMAZING ✨, super informative and so beneficial on many levels!! [English & Spanish only]

Let me know if you have any questions - I'm happy to answer whenever I can.

Eat & Sleep well,
Move more,
Feel better
to Live and Give our very best!
O'genki de ne 🌱




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