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My cholesterol levels normalized after only 3 month

52 y.o. * 2/week

CrossFit Kyoto is such a "Fushigi" place - strange, mysterious and marvelous all at the same time.
In the midst of a residential area at the heart of Kyoto, there is this Gym looking like something from another world. When you enter the old bamboo storage building, everything you see is hand-made by the owner and coach.
There are giant bare wooden beams and a high ceiling, no training machines, but iron frames looking like a Jungle gym, even some cute kettlebells, and huge black softballs.
Inside you find people from all walks of life, nationalities, different age and physical strength - all laughingly exclaiming: “Oh my, this is too hard!”
I wanted to get into better physical shape and I gathered my courage to take a first step into this place in 2012. Since then i experienced many changes: one of them is my cholesterol levels normalized after only 3 month. Oh, this is amazing! I was very surprised.
It felt good to be praised by my very kind coach Russell and his encouragement helped me to keep going.
In the third year i was able to do my first pull-up! I could not even hang from the rack when I started! 
Crossfit Kyoto offers small group classes and many different kinds of people take part: from muscular & strong people to people with problems in their knees, back and shoulders.
The workout (WOD) seems impossible to complete alone but you can achieve it while being encouraged by your fellow members. One of the main reasons you can succeed is because Russell adjusts the work-load to each member's level.
When I encountered CrossFit, I realized that mind and body are connected. After each session, my brain is empty, my mind is clear, and I feel satisfied. I also feel more positive now. I cannot live without CrossFit anymore and currently I enjoy CrossFit combined with Yoga. 
Ayako, 52 y.o., Kyoto




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