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[March 16th Updated] The Coronavirus

We are updating here



2020 March 16th: Action Update from CrossFit Kyoto


The legislative reform was announced and the coronavirus is still spreading. We will be taking the measures listed below, starting today:


  1. We will continue with the measures from March 8th (see previous update below)
  2. We will take the following measures to avoid close contact between members during classes.
    (1) Classes will have a max of 6 people instead of 8. We will use both the main training room and personal training room to allow enough space for each person. Depending on the number of attendees, we will reduce the classes to 6 ppl on Coubic.
    (2) To avoid a situation where our members cannot workout due to the 6 person cap, we will convert Fundamental Classes (FM) into SimpleFit classes. Anyone can attend SimpleFit classes 🙂

    TUE 20:30 FM → SimpleFit
    THU 19:20 FM → SimpleFit
    SAT 10:40 FM → SimpleFit
    SUN 09:30 FM → SimpleFit

    We are planning to continue with the above measures (1) and (2) until the end of April. If we find out things are returning to normal earlier than that, we may be able to return to the original schedule even before the end of April.

  3. Regarding events planned in March and April:

    (1) March 21st : We are postponing the Bring Kids Day

    (2) April 5th : We are still planning to hold the Hanami WOD (CrossFit) as it is an outside event. It will be a partner WOD but everyone will have their own equipment. We are still considering whether to continue with the picnic after the WOD as food is involved (To Be Decided). Even if the picnic takes place, we will not bring dishes to share.

    (3) April 18th : We planned a day to work out with Grand-/Parents. We are still planning to run this event with a maximum of 6 people. You can bring your parents and grandparents.


If the Japanese government declares an emergency, we will take additional measures.




2020 March 8th: Action Update from CrossFit Kyoto


The coronavirus has been spreading and we will take the measures listed below.



★★★ Measures from 8th March ★★★


  1. We increased the measures on the current “Hand Washing Policy.” Reusable towels and cups are no longer available at CrossFit Kyoto. To be eco-friendly, please bring your own bottles, towels, and coffee cups. Just in case you forget these, we have paper cups and paper towels at the Dojo (depending on supplies)

  2. We have also increased cleaning between classes. Please help yourself to the new equipment cleaners. Please pack up and go home early to avoid a situation where everyone gathers in the locker room or community space. We are also using the fans in between classes and leaving the doors and windows open all the time when it isn't too cold.

  3. Our head coach will adjust the workouts to:
  • work on aerobic fitness and support the immune system
  • make it possible to use different equipment in a partner WOD

  1. No more high-five but let’s do low five’s with shoes (see the photo below😊)

  2. We have liquid chalk which is antibacterial (the chalk is suspended in alcohol).

  3. We apologise but we will have to refuse access to the gym for members or drop-in visitors who experience any of the following conditions:
  • If you have a cough and fever
  • If you have met or talked to someone who is coughing or has a fever
  • If you have traveled to high-risk cities or countries on the Government list below


MOFA's Travel Advice and Warning on Infectious Diseases


Cumulative confirmed cases of COVID-19 by country



★★★ Measures Once Legislative Reforms are Announced ★★★


On 5 March 2020, Prime Minister Abe introduced a draft amendment to the "Special Measures Act to Counter New Types of Influenza of 2012".  Once this amendment is officially released, we will need to take the following measures:


  1. Reduction to a max of 6ppl instead of 8 per class. We will use both the main training room and the personal training room to allow enough space for each person.
    If classes on Coubic have already 8 people booked they will remain that way. All the other classes will be limited to 6 ppl.
  2. If needed, we will use the Gosho / Kamo riverside / online options instead of our gym to continue classes
  3. All CFK staff will refrain from personal trips / attending events / whatever the amendment says


* We might have to close if the amendment orders all gyms to close down completely



★★★ Measures taken when we know one of our staff or a member who came in the past 2 weeks has the coronavirus ★★★


  1. Close down for a 2 week quarantine period
  2. Extend membership expiry dates for the time we’re closed



We will keep you updated on the decision according to government, municipalities, and industry guidelines.


Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

CrossFit Kyoto


Low-five 👍







2020 February 28: Action Update from CrossFit Kyoto


The Japanese government announced their policy about the Corona Virus. (see detail here)


CrossFit Kyoto will keep collecting information from government and municipal offices to take measurements accordingly.


If you as a members do not feel well (coughing / fever) or have traveled overseas, please refrain from coming to the gym and if you feel so inclined try working out lightly at home 😉  Click here


We can do Crossfit anywhere ^v ^ /


Let's sleep well, move well, eat well, and stay strong against any virus!


At our Dojo, we decided to tighten prevention starting today:

  • Coaches and staff will clean the training equipment and door handles more frequently.
  • Furthermore, after each class we will clean equipment used - please help us with that, thank you!

Our staff might wear masks during classes. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


We hope the coronavirus issue, affecting people all around the world, will end sooner than later!


Wishing everyone best health & fitness

Your friends at CrossFit Kyoto






2020 January 29: Coronavirus countermeasures at CrossFit kyoto



Every day we hear new information about the coronavirus and the spread of its infection.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has announced that we should not worry too much for now and recommends implementing infectious disease prevention measures like those for the flu.



● We now have an antiseptic spray at CrossFit Kyoto, so please use it when at the gym.

● Other general preventative measures include frequently washing your hands with soap and wearing a mask if you are coughing.

● If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, please rest and recover rather than coming to the gym.


Please take care of yourself and help us keep everyone healthy 🙂

Your friends at CrossFit Kyoto

Announcement from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare here







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